137 Newbury Street 5FL, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 859-8700

Member Billing and other Club Inquires:

For any member billing related issues, please contact the club Assistant General Manager or General Manager, email and phone numbers on the club pages. –Healthworks Back Bay曼彻斯特Healthworks剑桥Healthworks Coolidge CornerHealthworks Chestnut Hill

Accounts Payable:

Please direct all invoices and questions regarding accounts payable to:[email protected]

Employment Verification Requests:

Thank you for enquiring for an employment verification. We are happy to supply this information but to ensure our employee’s privacy we only release this information with the employee’s signature or an email from their work email account. For a new requests or updates on existing requests, please send an email to[email protected]and include the following:

– Scanned signature from employee authorizing the requested release
– Location the employee works/worked at
– Full name of employee
– Date of Birth of employee
– Last four digits of employee’s social security number
– Where to send the requested information

We will respond with the requested information or questions within five days of the request.